UAL Level 3 Diploma in Performing and Production Arts

Tutors: Toby Clarke, Ben Grant, Matt Kemp & Jon Stiles    Unit 8: Collaborative Music Performance Project
Centre Name: Sussex Downs College Centre Number:  
Student Name: Darshan Darkadas Student Number: 461267
Project Proposal Title: Unit 8 Date: 28/3/17
Chosen Pathway(s):  
Before Unit 8 my recording skills were very minimal. I only knew how to power up the studio. However, during unit 8 I learnt how to set up microphones for a drum recording and which mics to use. For example, using a Shure SM57 on the Snare drum and on toms you can either us a 57 or an AKGD40 (Dynamic microphone), a D112 on the kick drum (Dynamic microphone) and two AKG C430 for the stereo overhead. During unit 7 I also gained some knowledge in mixing. We had to mix our final piece for unit 7 independently. I learnt about useful tools such as Parallel compression
Project Concept
We as a team intend to write, perform and record and album with the minimum of 12 songs. We all allocated roles for different people last week. I have the role of a musician (Session drummer), on a personal note this is improving my drumming skills by giving me the experience of recording drums for other peoples songs and practicing my drum skills (rudiments) daily. In order to reach these aims we need to schedule recording sessions and book studios. All we need to book is the microphones, stands and and XLR cables. We have to bring our own drumsticks and guitars. We are goings to upload it on bandcamp/soundcloud and promote it at the gig. We will give people the link to get the album.



We are going to evaluate via the blog. We will evaluate how the sessions went daily on the session sheets. We then put the information on our blog. Our evaluation will include how we recorded, how we aimed to record and how it went. Also what ideas and techniques we used from our research.




Project Action Plan
I am doing three songs with different people. I am doing ‘Happier’ by ‘ ‘Ed Sheeran’ for Georgia on the 20/3/17, Also recorded drums for an original composed Joel. This will be recorded on 28/3/17.





Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography
Machine Head: Making of Unto The Locust

How to get the best drum tones and best sounds and placing the microphones. What equipment is best to use.





Guidance for Unit 8 Project Proposal


Section 1

Rationale (Approx. 100 words)

Within this section you should reflect on, review and summarise your progress and achievements throughout the first 7 units of the qualification. It’s an opportunity for you to communicate the knowledge, skills and understanding you have acquired; what you know now, and what it means to you, compared with what you knew and could do
 before you started the course. You should also explain how this has influenced your choice of pathway and your project proposal.


Section 2

Project concept (Approx. 200 words)

Here you should clearly explain the concept and aims of your project. Provide details on the research and ideas that will support its development and what you anticipate producing. You should also express the levels and types of resources that you will need, and an indication of the form in which you will complete and present your final realisation within the allocated timescale.


Section 3

Evaluation (Approx. 50 words)

Explain how you will reflect on and evaluate your work as both an ongoing activity and at the conclusion of the project. You should describe how you intend to record your decision making, and how you will document changes to your ideas as the project progresses. The evaluation should reference your stated aims, and be reflective and analytical rather than a description of actions completed. When working in collaboration with others you should comment on how this may impact either positively or adversely, and explain the steps you might take to minimise disruption to your own progress.


Section 4

Project action plan and timetable

This section is an opportunity to outline your planning and organisation over a period of weeks, and the activities you will need to carry out in order to successful complete your project within the agreed timeframe. It is important that you consider how you will balance ambition, time and realism in the realisation of the project. This should include what you are going to do, how you will do it and by when. The more time and thought you give to planning your project the more successful it is likely to be. Remember to include time taken to undertake practical actions such as: sourcing materials, questionnaires and accessing workshops. You should also incorporate tutorial and peer group feedback, and where you will incorporate independent study. If working on a collaborative project, individual responsibilities and contributions will need to be clearly identifiable.



Section 5

Proposed research sources and bibliography (Harvard format)

In this section you should record the initial research sources (both primary and secondary) that you intend to use. Your sources of research should be as wide reaching as possible, including: visits to museums galleries and theatres; libraries, books and magazines; films, TV and radio programmes; and online research sources. Where appropriate you should use the Harvard system of referencing. The bibliography should be continuously updated as the project progresses.




















Record drums for Georgia’s Ed Sheeran cover

Record drums for Joel’s track










5 Record bass for Joel’s track

Jack is mixing on Wednesday






6 Mix the tracks  




7 Evaluation and reflection.  










9 GIG