Christmas gig (Birley Centre)

The Christmas gig at the Birley Centre was interesting. Overall it went quite well, however, not exactly to plan. I feel like our performance was tight and none of us messed up badly (or that I noticed). I had missed quite a few rehearsals leading up to this gig and therefore we hadn’t practiced together as a group a lot. Personally however, I was quite confident that if everything went to plan, it would be a really good performance.

This was the first live performance that I’ve played to a backing track and a metronome, which comes through a pair of headphones that I have to wear on stage. Therefore everyone is relying on me to stay in time with the backing track. Playing to a backing track can easily go wrong, because if i fall out of time then that means everyone else is more likely to fall out of time and then the backing track will just be playing completely out of time with the live instruments, which will ruin the whole performance. However, with this performance in particular, i had set up midi cues to let me know when to change to certain sections, as there were several different sections to the track and it was hard to remember when exactly to change each time.

The performance was really good. However, the track started and i couldn’t hear the metronome.. there was nothing i could do, as this was it, the final live performance. It made me completely nervous, but we managed to pull it off. I completely ignored what all the live instruments were doing, and just listened in to the guitars on the backing track to keep me in time. Luckily the cues were still loud enough for me to hear when to change. There was one part in the last section of the song which is more energetic and i started getting into it and sped up, however, i just tried listening back in to the backing track and managed to sync back in time. Next time if i was to play to a backing track live, I’d just make sure all the levels were on point and everything was coming through clear, especially the metronome.