Unit 8:Week 5

The week after I had to record drums for the song ‘Blush’ by ‘Wolfalice’ (link down below). This was Jasmine’s choice to cover and I didn’t know until the day we recorded. The recording process took quite a long time. We set up in under an hour and got all the levels right. However, as I didn’t know the song, I was going to play to the backing track, but the original wasn’t recorded to a metronome and the tempo changes throughout. Therefore, we spent quite a long time trying to see if we could find the right tempo or make it fit with the metronome but it just wasn’t working out and was taking too long. After running through the song a few times. We decided to record. We did it in one take instead of several as the drums just come in halfway through the track. Therefore, it wasn’t a long recording. After about two recordings, we kept the last recording as it was the best out of all of them.


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