Unit 8: Week 6 & 7

I ended up missing the week before the gig, as I had personal problems to deal with. This then left the week of the gig to finish everything off for me. Initially my plan was to spend that week just rehearsing for the gig, but I didn’t know that I had one more song to record. This was ‘Nervous Breakdown’ by ‘Black Flag’. However, the song is very simple and therefore it was quite easy to catch the groove and play along too. We spent the Monday evening rehearsal, playing the song and I learnt it then, alongside rehearsing all the others. Then in Tuesday’s MIDI lesson we set up the drums in half an hour and then ten minutes to check the levels. We then had one run through of the song and then did the song in one whole take. However, as I kept messing up it took about three takes until we got a perfect take.

The gig turned out to be better then the Christmas gig. I run through one song in the sound check, which was “From First To Last’ with Jacob and Hallum. The gig then went pretty smoothly for me, considering we only had two rehearsals before hand. We played all the songs quite well and I kept in time through out all my performances. I felt like the two bar drum roll at the beginning of ‘Nervous Breakdown’ was much tighter and played well compared to during rehearsals. However, as a drummer I aim for perfection with my performance and I felt at certain points during playing, my technique was slacking and I noticed mistakes in my playing that others might not have noticed. Some being during Happier I failed to perform the ‘Four Stroke Roll’ (Drum rudiment/technique). I felt like it didn’t sound as good as it should, with a good level of dynamics. It was mainly little things like that, or hitting the crash when it wasn’t needed. Even though it may sound a bit petty I like to have a structured performance and if I am going to add something I didn’t do in rehearsal (fill, extra crash) then I want to make sure that it sounds tight and won’t affect the performance. Besides that I feel like the gig was enjoyable and went well. In the end we also never ended up playing ‘Breakup therapy’ as it was Joel’s song and he didn’t feel like it was ready enough to be performing.


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