Unit 8: Week 4

The following week most of the recording for ‘Happier’ were done. However, the mix was sounding a bit messy and the drums were falling out of time at certain points.. As Jack was producing he decided that he wanted me to re-record the drums. However, this was on Tuesday evening and we didn’t have as much time too record as we had planned other things to do.  In the end, it ended up working out perfectly. I set up drums in  around half an hour, whilst Jack was helping others. Then we checked levels, which took around 10 minutes. This was because i didn’t need the whole drum kit, and only set up four microphones. A D40 for the floor tom, SM57 inside the bass drum and a D112 and then a C1000 as the overhead for the cymbals. As i already recorded the song before, i knew the structure much better. Therefore, we did the whole song in one take, on time. It took less then five minutes, The recording was strong and in time. We then just recorded extra cymbals on certain parts which only took 2 minutes, then i was down with ‘Happier’.


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