Unit 8: Week 3

The week after half term I recorded drums for Jacob’s song ‘From First To Last’. We recorded the song in several different takes, instead of one take as I did for “Breakup Therapy’. This is because I didn’t know the full structure of the song. We ran through the different parts as we recorded. For example, we he would show me the intro several which was an 8 bar intro with the same beat. Then he’d show me the verse and then chorus and so on. We finished recording in around 2 hours, with good, strong recordings. The song was based of ‘The Libertines’ song ‘Horror Show’ (link down below). Jacob was not going for the most clean recording, therefore it didn’t matter if the take came off a bit messy. You can hear this most at the end of the recording. For the rest of the week I engineered for other people, helping them setting up amps, microphones and stands.


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