Unit 8: Week 2

During week two, we proceeded to record drums for Breakup Therapy on the Monday. Rory, Joel and me spent about twenty minutes running through the song, so that I have an idea on what to play. We then spent around just over an hour setting up the drums with microphones. Instead of just recording the drums through the pre-amps, we sent them through the compressor to give it a more punchy sound. I also decided to put an SM57 inside of the bass drum to get more of a punch on top of the D112. After sorting out levels, we ran through the song a few times. Then recorded drum on the third run through and it came out with a good strong sound. However, i felt like the structure of the song was very odd and too repetitive. Therefore, We agreed to cut out the third verse as it wasn’t need and the last chorus. We ended it with just a double chorus instead.


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