Unit 8: Week 1

During the first week of Unit 8, we had a pre production meeting to discuss the different roles that people would take, how many songs would be on the album, what songs and who will be taking part in each of the songs. Georgia decided to get started on the cover of ‘Happier’ by ‘Ed Sheeran’, so in the morning of that session Jack recorded a rough version of the guitar track. Then later during the evening, we decided to record drums. However, the song has orchestral drums, so I had to improvise. I used the bass drum, floor tom and a crash cymbal. As we only discussed doing that song in the morning, I didn’t have time to prepare for this recording. Therefore, I had to think outside the box and decided to se two bass drum beaters as sticks to get that orchestral sound, even though it wouldn’t sound as well as a real orchestral instrument. The floor tom still managed to get a good enough sound. I used a D112 on the bass drum, D40 for the floor tom and a c1000 as an overhead. I got my recording finished in around an hour and a half.

Tuesday wasn’t a very productive day. Our aim was to record drums for ‘Breakup Therapy’ a song that Joel and Rory wrote, however, I had never heard the song before and as it is more complex then ‘Happier’ I struggled to play along to it. We wasted three hours out of our four trying to set up to get the best sound, however, in the end this did not give enough time for me to learn and record the song in full. We used the full rhythm pack (D112,D40’S, C430’s) alongside a Pro- Series on the HI-Hat


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