Recording Sessions

November Sessions

The November lessons were based on completing the assignment due in December. The assignment brief was:

Work as a production team to produce a demo recording. This  recording must feature microphone recordings and should also include some basic mixing techniques. You should record your performance piece and this must be radio friendly. 


Session objectives:  1) To have completed the studio test

2) To have chosen a track to record

This lesson was quite basic as we didn’t have to record anything as such yet. We spent the lesson discussing what song we would do as a group. By the end of it we had decided on doing ‘Fools Gold by ‘The Stone Roses’.We got a basic Bass recording for the demo. I also completed the studio test in this lesson. The reason for the studio test, is to make sure you know the rules of the studio and to know how to use the studio, even if it is just basic



Session Objectives:  To have made progress with recording/production

We spent this session recording the guitars for the demo.We recorded using a D.I. (Direct Injection). We got the rhythm guitar recorded first and then the lead guitar. After we had finished this. We re- recorded the bass track.

How Direct Injection works

Direct Injection reduces the risk of interference by turning an unbalanced into a balanced signal. For Example a bass guitar, acoustic guitar or synth has an unbalanced output signal. Unbalanced signals pick up buzz and radio frequency interference. Balanced connections and cabling combat this problem.



Session Objectives: Have experimented with different techniques.

Have made progress with recording


In this session i recorded the drum track for the group performance.It was a basic recording as it was only a demo, we didn’t worry to much on getting the greatest sound. We only used a total of four microphones. We used:

-AKG D40 for toms -Shure SM57 for Snare-AKG D112 for Bass Drum-AKG C430 (Overhead)