Performance Sessions



Performance – 07.11.16 

Session objectives: 

1. Print of chord charts for songs

2. Rehearse some of the songs 

Although we had decided on 5 songs the previous week. 4 of the song choices ended up changing. It wasn’t the most active session. Most of the session involved the guitarists learning the tabs/chords for the song and discussing the tuning’s of the piece. However,we did run through The intro up to the end of the verse for ‘Misery Business by Paramore’. 


Performance – 14.11.16 

Session Objectives: To rehearse the songs for the gig

Once again we ended up changing the song choices for the gig. This is because as a group we felt as if we were trying to push to much in the short amount of time up to the gig. Also, because we did not know the song structure well enough and therefore thought we should choose songs which we know the structure better. 

With just over three weeks till the gig our final song choices were: 

Neck Deep – December (this was one song choice that we hadn’t changed)

Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody

Gloria Jones – Tainted Love 

We roughly ran through The beginning of December and the whole of Tainted Love. It needed a lot of work at this stage. 

Performance – 21.11.16

Session Objective: To identify areas of your performance that need work

This session was completely practical. We spent the whole lesson to run through the songs for the gig. However, instead of  just playing our instruments like normal, we set up microphones as they would be for the gig. My set up for the drum kit was:

AKG D112 for the Bass/ kick drum

Shure SM57 for the snare Drum

AKG C1000 as an overhead