Performance Session


Performance – 03.10.16

Session objectives:

1. Identify elements of genres and apply them to our performance

2. Identify ares of our performance

In this session we run through our vocal performance song as a group which was Mr. Brightside. We learned the importance of doing vocal warm ups and the affect it can have on our voice if we do not warm up. We also performed as an ensemble,playing different genres again.


Performance – 10.10.16

Session Objective: Establish two ideas for an original composition. 

In this lesson we were split into a group of three and we had to come up with a basic song idea. We managed to come up with a simple song with some basic chords and structure

Performance – 31.10.16

Session Objectives:

1.Identify a schedule of work for the half term

2. Come up with song ideas for the December gig

This session did not involve any practical and playing any instruments. We each suggested a song we would like to perform at the gig. Therefore, once we had all suggested a song, we listened to all the songs and discussed them. Things to consider for the gig was: If the song is appropriate. Did it include any explicit language? Would the audience enjoy it?

We then narrowed down the set of songs to 5 songs and throughout the week we had to listen to the songs.




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