Recording Session


Recording session 1 – 19.09.16

In our first recording session the main objectives were to:

1.Discuss the importance of safety in the  studio

2. To observe and try and power up the studio as a whole class. 

In this session i understood the importance of safety in the studio and what risks there could be. Also, by powering up the studio i learnt that you have to power up the studio in a certain order. For example; It is important that the monitors are the last to be turned on as you may damage them otherwise.

Recording Session 2-26.09.16

In the second recording session it was more of a practical lesson. We completed a Studio induction sheet. This sheet was for us to try and write down the order in which we should power up the studio. It was also to teach us the Studio Signal Flow.

Power up procedure of the studio:

1. Turn the computer on

2. Turn on the Interface – Motu 

3. Turn on the midi controller (this is the keyboard and unitor)

4. Turn the desk on (In studio 1 & 2 it is made by Maci. In studios 3 & 4 it is Allen and Heath) 

6. Finally, switch on the monitors (In these studios the monitors are passive)

The studio Signal flow: 


As a group of four we powered up the studio. We then managed to plug a microphone ( SM58-SHURE) into the  back of the desk and recorded into logic.




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