Performance Session


Performance – 03.10.16

Session objectives:

1. Identify elements of genres and apply them to our performance

2. Identify ares of our performance

In this session we run through our vocal performance song as a group which was Mr. Brightside. We learned the importance of doing vocal warm ups and the affect it can have on our voice if we do not warm up. We also performed as an ensemble,playing different genres again.


Performance – 10.10.16

Session Objective: Establish two ideas for an original composition. 

In this lesson we were split into a group of three and we had to come up with a basic song idea. We managed to come up with a simple song with some basic chords and structure

Performance – 31.10.16

Session Objectives:

1.Identify a schedule of work for the half term

2. Come up with song ideas for the December gig

This session did not involve any practical and playing any instruments. We each suggested a song we would like to perform at the gig. Therefore, once we had all suggested a song, we listened to all the songs and discussed them. Things to consider for the gig was: If the song is appropriate. Did it include any explicit language? Would the audience enjoy it?

We then narrowed down the set of songs to 5 songs and throughout the week we had to listen to the songs.




Performance Session


Performance Session 1 – 19.09.16

In our first Performance lesson, the session objectives were to:

1. Identify areas of our musical skill set that need developing

2. To understand how and when we will be assessed on our skills

3. To identify possible hazards in the musical working environment

This session wasn’t practical at all. This is because having to go through all the health and safeties of the performance area. However, we learned about different genres of music starting from 1950 and so on, we learnt how different genres evolved and ended up forming new genres. We also set out a personal target that we would be able to achieve. This is shown on the sheet below: yee

Health and Safety work sheet –


Performance 2 – 26.09.16

In this Session, our objectives were:

To perform together as a group and run through different genres. 

This sessions involved a bit of practical. We all played as a group for the first time. We decided to play Seven Nation Army by White Stripes, as it is an easy song and we all knew it. We also played a song in the style of Reggae, learning how to play Reggae and different techniques. As a drummer i had already had a small experience with playing in that genre, therefore i didn’t find it a much struggle. I was playing a ‘One Drop’ beat. This is when the snare and bass drum both play on the third beat, with the hi-hat  on every beat, leaving everything else empty. Hence it is called a ‘One Drop’ because everything plays on one beat.

Recording Session


Recording session 1 – 19.09.16

In our first recording session the main objectives were to:

1.Discuss the importance of safety in the  studio

2. To observe and try and power up the studio as a whole class. 

In this session i understood the importance of safety in the studio and what risks there could be. Also, by powering up the studio i learnt that you have to power up the studio in a certain order. For example; It is important that the monitors are the last to be turned on as you may damage them otherwise.

Recording Session 2-26.09.16

In the second recording session it was more of a practical lesson. We completed a Studio induction sheet. This sheet was for us to try and write down the order in which we should power up the studio. It was also to teach us the Studio Signal Flow.

Power up procedure of the studio:

1. Turn the computer on

2. Turn on the Interface – Motu 

3. Turn on the midi controller (this is the keyboard and unitor)

4. Turn the desk on (In studio 1 & 2 it is made by Maci. In studios 3 & 4 it is Allen and Heath) 

6. Finally, switch on the monitors (In these studios the monitors are passive)

The studio Signal flow: 


As a group of four we powered up the studio. We then managed to plug a microphone ( SM58-SHURE) into the  back of the desk and recorded into logic.